Welcome to English Lessons!

Hello! My name is Sony and I am the *creator* of this website. This website will be focused on a commonly detested subject, English! I will be using lots of notes from english class to help you guys have a great essay that'll help you really understand the use of evidence and its importance and also the analysis of topics and why that is key. Hope you guys (if there are any people who are going to look at this other than Ms. V) stick around and enjoy!!!

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Okay! Lets get started :~))

Most issues that people have with english, or writing papers in general relate back to analysis and evidence. Analysis and evidence are two of the most important things to worry over when writing (other than the general form). The reason why everyone struggles with the overall writing form is probably because they don't have the proper evidence they need and the analysis that really ties back to that piece of evidence. However, if you listen to what I say, you'll probably get your essay done in no time!

When writing an essay, or anything in general, there should be a format you follow that'll help you in organizing your evidence, analysis and comments. The format I'm talking (that I persoanlly like and have to use) about is called TEA paragraph. I use it because it's required in my school but it's actually quite helpful. However, if you find a format that you like and find easier than TEA format then of course you should use that format!

This is what the TEA paragraph format "looks" like:

In paragraph form it's like so; the first several sentences are about the topic, then the following sentences have to do with the introduction/placing of the evidence, and then finally place the analysis and closing sentence.

Okay first things first, the requirements of the evidence! Evidence plays a BIG part in essay form, as without the proper evidence the whole essay can fall apart! Requirements for evidence in essays are ALWAYS going to be:

    1. Relevancy
    2. Detailed
    3. Specific
    4. Reliable
    and also 5. Correct use of evidence, as in with citations and such.

Please review the above and practice using relevant, detailed, specific and reliable evidence! Incorporate it in your work, whether it's in English Class or not :)

Now starting on anazlysis! Analysis is essentially the explanation of the evidence you have used and why you have used it, the purpose of this evidence. What you require for the evidence, it is most likely also required for anazlysis, and then some. Here are the requirements for the analysis:

    1. Relevant
    2. Detailed
    3. Explanitory
    4. Connecting everything together

Analysis has a big job in the essays we write. If a paragraph were a family, the analysis would be the big sibling that would explain your actions. That is why analysis is important. If analysis weren't here, the paragraph would not make much sense.

I am providing my own TEA paragraph to compare yours with. (Mine probably isn't very good but! I tried my best and used all of these notes!)

"Public self and private self are two different types of people, especially in the case of Brutus. In public, Brutus acts accordingly to what is expected of him as a leader, becoming whoever he needs to be to maintain order and respect. However, Brutus’ private self shows the weaknesses of Brutus, one of them being his wife and his willingness to ease his burden. Brutus’s public self can be viewed as the most important side of his, since it has a lot of people to please and a reputation uphold. Brutus’ public self shows the readers the responsible and strong side to him, shown when Brutus insists on the Roman word, “To think that or our cause or our performance / Did need an oath, when every drop of blood / That every Roman bears, and nobly bears, / Is guilty of a several bastardy / If he do break the smallest particle / Of any promise that hath passed from him” (2.1.135-140). As honorable and as smart as Brutus’ public self is, it is no match for his private self, a self that is tired of keeping secrets and acting, just wanting to admit to his guilt. Brutus’ wife, Portia, is insistent that he tell her what he is hiding from her, and Brutus who is touched by how noble his wife is, agrees to tell her his deepest secrets and troubles (2.1.302-308). Brutus’ private self clashes greatly with his public self, the public self showing leadership traits and demanding attention, while the private self is vulnerable and troubled. This shows that Brutus is a man who deals with issues with a brave face and a cool front, but is willing to give into his wife, whom he loves very much, at home. He thinks she deserves answers and is worthy of knowing anything he knows, which, in that era of time was rare, and therefore shows how much he appreciates her."

Please review over what I have written and make sure to practice as often as you can. Think about the format and the content you are putting in your essay.

Thank you! I hope I did a well enough job teaching everyone! :)

A~ND! don't forget, this lesson is not just for school. The organization and efficient use of evidence and analysis can be used anywhere, not just on paper. If you have good control over what you say and use, life could be a lot easier for you. An example of a job that uses evidence and analyzation like so would beone of a lawyer. Lawyers are calm and cool and are usually thinking things through very clearly. Lawyers know how to organize their evidence so if anyone needs it, it's ready to be said and given. The lawyer uses specific evidence to get what they want. The lawyer then follows with an analyzation that is there to back that evidence up and also go against the opposing side. So you see, good control of ones analysis and evidence are not just usefull when writing an essay.